All classes incorporate project-based learning according to themes that cover cross-curricular subjects (Spanish/Mandarin, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Artistic Expression). Based on research, Charleston Bilingual Academy implements our powerimmersion instruction, incorporating relevance, inquiry, (and play-based preschool) strategies embedded in a language-enriched, Christ-centered environment. Students will learn through playing, hands-on experiences/ explorations, and language expression via interaction with teachers and peers. It is paramount that students of all ages feel loved, enjoy learning, are constantly curious, and have an “I can” attitude so that they enter school with enthusiasm, confidence, and the desire to learn. Read more here on how CBA is redefining education by creating curriculum based on child development.

Essential Elements of PowerImmersion

Core Competencies (20 months- 8th grade*)


  • Treasure hunting- Students will be fascinated with all of creation. They will discover the Triune God as He purposefully reveals Himself throughout all of His creation and the Bible (Colossians 1:15-18, Romans 1:19-20, Psalms 19:1-6).
  • Confident Humility- Students will confront fear and develop their many gifts and talents, gratefully acknowledging their abilities come from the Triune God.
    Honor- students will uphold honesty, responsibility and respect in their words and actions.
  • Grit- students will courageously persevere in accomplishing goals/tasks


Creative Thought

  • Discernment- Students will distinguish between truth, falsehood, and opinion, recognizing that truth emanates from the nature of the Triune God. as Jesus is Truth, and there is nothing false in Him.
  • Organize/Analyze/Synthesize/Create- Students will organize knowledge, analyze patterns and truths, then construct meaning and purpose with the end goal of innovating thought, product or action built upon on the integrity of the knowledge acquired.
  • Growth mindset- Students will embrace new challenges, as they reflect and seek feedback to foster ongoing understanding and growth.



  • Active reading and listening- Students will engage in listening and reading the words of others intending to understand the purposes of the communicator.
  • Winsome writing and speech- Students will employ strong techniques, to speak and writing informatively, professionally and persuasively
  • Loving polemic- Students will collaboratively seek truth through dialogue, challenging differences in a spirit of respect and love.
  • Servant leadership- Students will empathize with others regardless of cultural differences, employing their gifts and talents to actively love others through serving their needs.


Early Childhood Education Teacher Objectives

CBA teachers

  • create a language-rich environment.
  • embed instruction through play.
  • create multi-sensory, kinesthetic, safe environments, appealing to all types of intelligence and incorporating the fine arts.
  • gear instruction towards teaching students how to think more than what to think.
  • embed objectives into real-world applications that bridge several content areas (project-based inquiry).
  • facilitate individualized pacing to maximize learning by employing whole-group, small-group, one-on-one, and individual instruction (through play).
  • use data to tailor instruction.
  • encourage students to inquire about and discover information through trial and error.
  • demonstrate fruits of the Holy Spirit-filled life with colleagues, parents, and students (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and self-control)


Early Childhood Education Student Objectives, based in a Spanish-immersion environment

CBA students will

  • grow in large and fine motor skills.
  • learn and apply interpersonal communication skills (how to depend on each other through play, peer tutoring, serving each other, and working through conflict).
  • learn intrapersonal skills, how to identify emotions and how to appropriately express themselves.
  • gain multicultural awareness both of their own culture and other cultures, identifying how cultures compare and connect on individual and community levels.
  • learn the love of reading and will learn to read when they demonstrate readiness.
  • Students will also express reading comprehension through picture journals.
    learn numbers and base ten math (we will use Singapore Math framework, where students begin to think critically/spatially about patterns, sequences, quantity and comparisons).
  • learn to write according to their developmental level.
  • learn the tension between the order and peace established in creation and the disorder and brokenness caused by sin (selfishness). They will understand that Jesus Christ came to bring spiritual healing and reestablish order and peace, and as he heals us, he uses us to bring his healing to others. Students will learn through both biblical studies, and daily interactions, that Jesus Christ is the great hero, and that we all need to depend on him.