Our Mission & Story


Christ-centered, intercultural, Spanish and Mandarin immersion Academy


Research shows that children only have until they are about 7 years of age to acquire languages at a native level. We also know that children who learn two languages are more capable of learning additional languages. Bilingual children demonstrate higher proficiencies in English, math, and critical thinking. Providing such a gift to your children opens countless doors for their lives, and we believe it is one of the first steps to inspiring our children to become world changers. Another major step to changing the world is learning to love others just as Jesus loves us, and we will model this for your child every day.


In partnership with parents, CBA exists to inspire world changers through Christ-centered, intercultural, immersion-based education.


Having studied education his whole career, Dr. Johnson has set out to build his dream school for his children. Yet, his vision essentially goes beyond his children to his community, for he believes the core of education is to inspire children to change their world (not be the center of their worlds). Based on his doctoral research on bilingual and intercultural education, Charleston Bilingual Academy was founded on the powerful mission of “Inspiring World Changers” through Christ-centered, intercultural, language immersion education.

Through a project-based approach, CBA engages children’s language geniuses and various cultures, carving characters, instilling the love of God, and equipping intellects, in efforts to inspire children to impact lives around them regardless of linguistic and cultural barriers.


Since opening our doors in 2014, the school has grown to over 315 students spanning 2 year olds through Middle Schoolers. The groundbreaking partnership with Charleston Southern University allows CBA to sponsor H1B1 visas. As a result the CBA team is made up of over 60 amazing faculty and staff from all over the world. CBA currently resides on two campuses and is working towards launching a High School campus in 2026.