The first week of summer camp CBA is partnering with Charleston International Music School (CIMS) to provide some spectacular glimpses of playing string instruments (including a concert!).  Summer Camps run from June 11- July 20 (no classes the week of July 4th) You can come as many weeks as you would like.

Charleston Bilingual Academy is launching a full day first and second grade in 2018-2019  as well as full day immersion preschool alongside our current half day programs.

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Many parents wonder why their child’s preschool is not sufficiently challenging.
Their doubts begin to rush the growth process, such as demanding that their children read earlier, count higher… as though such stressors would have greater gains later on in life. The real question is what are preschoolers designed to learn at this age?  Did you know your preschooler is a language genius who will lose that capacity by the age of 7? Check out the research:

  • Window until 7 years- The language center of the brain has a window until 7 years of age to learn languages at the native level, and the younger the better… (Strozer, 1994)
  • Cross cultural friendships- Learning languages and cultures in the most formative years increases cross cultural friendships and reduces prejudices (Bamford & Mizokawa, 1991)
  • Increased concentration- Bilingual students demonstrate more concentration and engagement (Thomas & Collier, 2005).
  • Critical thinking- Bilingualism improves the executive center of the brain, which impacts critical thinking, metacognitive, and metalinguistic skills (Thomas & Collier, 2005)
  • Learn additional languages- Bilingual speakers are more likely to learn additional languages (Cenoz & Valencia, 2004) 
  • Score higher- Bilingual students score higher on the SAT in Math and English (The College Board SAT, 2003)
  • Improves English- Learning another language improves English structure and vocabulary (Curtain & Dalhberg, 2004)
  • College Entrance– College admissions and scholarship committees are now looking past just grades for students that stand out, and multilingualism helps separate students from the general applicant (Callahan & Gándara, 2014)
  • Research– Read more about what the research is saying.
  • Love- Add all of that in a Christ-centered, loving environment, and your child is on the trajectory to becoming a World Changer. And that is our motto-
    Inspiring World Changers.

Charleston Bilingual Academy is:

  • Spanish-immersion and Mandarin-immersion, intercultural, Christ-centered Academy
  • Where 100% of the instruction is delivered through powerimmersion strategies led by highly qualified, native speaking teachers
  • Children participate in engaging, developmentally-appropriate activities, embedded in a language-enriched, play-based context
  • For the purpose of inspiring World Changers

What are we offering? 

Please contact us online or via phone (843) 779-2472 to find out more about our offerings.

If you are ready to schedule a tour, please click here to fill out our Application Form.

 We are located at Friendship Baptist Church in Park Circle (5032 Lackawanna Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29405).
Clapham Group LLC- EIN 47-233 1281 (2014-2017)
Clapham Education Group 501c3- EIN 82-1567491 (2018+)


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