PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship)

At CBA, a variety of our programs and fundraisers are supported by the PTF. Our PTF volunteers organize family-friendly events, teacher celebrations, community service projects, and much more!

Our Team

PTF is growing! We now have two committees that will focus on their respective school, Early Education (FBC) and Elementary/Middle School (HABC).

Megan Cannon leads the way, alongside Nicole Tokarsky, Mallory Cummings, Codey Spitkala and Jackie Hammes who focus on Early Childhood Education. Katie Schwind, Caroline Parr, Felicia Preston, Dana Pappas, Lindsey Litwinowicz serve the Elementary/MS.

While there is no formal registration to join PTF, we encourage you to get involved. Various opportunities will be presented throughout the year and will be discussed at our quarterly meetings.
You can contact us anytime at


Volunteer Opportunities

Join the team and volunteer today!

There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year; being a room parent, being a new family ambassador, assisting teachers with copies, laminating items, special classroom projects, classroom celebrations, recurring monthly events, and annual events! If you are interested in any of these opportunities to serve, please email

New Family Ambassador

A new important part of CBA’s PTF! 

A “New Family Ambassador” will be a family that is willing to help and assist new families coming into CBA. When a family joins CBA, we want them to feel connected to the community and know they can reach out to another family with questions if needed. 

Room Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Room parents assist the teacher in communicating and coordinating with other parents in your class. You may be asked to assist him/her in finding help with copies, laminating, special class projects, and/or volunteers for classroom celebrations. We can share a Room Parent tip sheet to help you and your teacher work together to plan out the year. 

Listed below are the monthly recurring opportunities and annual opportunities for the year.

Recurring Monthly Opportunities

Pack the Pantry
Jackie Hammes created and coordinated our “Pack the Pantry” Program as a way for families show love and appreciation to our teachers every month by donating items for teachers to have readily available snacks and treats. Volunteers are needed to assist Jackie and her team in organizing the pantry on the first Thursday and Friday of the month.

Pizza Friday 
Pick up and/or pass out pizza, grades 1-8

Pancake Pals
Set-up, assist with breakfast, and/or clean-up – ages 2yo-5yo

Sam’s Club Pickups
Pick up Sam’s Club orders and drop off at CBA campuses

Reading to a Class
Spanish & English Opportunities

Annual Opportunities to Serve​


  • Welcome Back Teacher Breakfast
  • New Family Welcome Breakfast


  • September 15 – October 15 Spanish Heritage Month (Early Education Event)
  • Football – Assistant Coach (September – December)
  • Soccer – Assistant Coach (September – December)


  • Shoe Drive


  • ELEM/MS Thanksgiving Feast & Pastor Appreciation – Leah Norton created and leads this event. You can assist Leah in set-up, decoration, lunch service, and/or clean-up.
  • Fall Festival


  • Christmas Teacher Luncheon
  • Map Testing Assistant – set up computers & headphones, disinfect between classes
  • Christmas Concert 


  • Wellness Week
  • Basketball – Assistant Coach (January – May)
  • Wrestling – Assistant Coach (January – May)


  • Valentine’s Teacher Breakfast or Luncheon TBD
  • Father-Daughter Dance 
  • Black History Month – Guest Speakers/Readers/Presenters


  • Community Workers Month – Guest Speakers/Readers/Presenters
  • Fun Run Fundraiser


  • Mother-Son Event


  • Teacher Appreciation Week – Anisha, Angie, & Laura lead our Teacher Appreciation Week. You can help them execute their plans for teacher appreciation week with delivery, set-up, and/or clean-up.
  • K-5 Graduation & Breakfast – sponsored by the K4 Class
  • Map Testing Assistant – set up computers & headphones, disinfect between classes
  • Language on Mission Summer Boxes – organize & pack LOM packets

Teacher Corner

Headmaster Johnson - Office
Mrs, Myers - Office
Mrs. Lopez - Office
Mrs. Perez - Office
Principal Lane - Office
Maestra Karla - EE
Maestra Margie - EE
Maestra Michelle - EE
Maestra Ortiz - EE
Maestra Roxy - EE
Mrs. Margarita - EE Director
Maestra Hogla - EE
Maestra Karina - EE
Maestra Mallory - EE
Maestra Verty - EE
Maestra Virgen - EE
Maestra Yami - EE
Maestra Yusbeth - EE
Maestra Cabrera - Elem
Maestra Johnson - Elem & Inter
Maestra Mallory - EE
Maestra Orence - Elem
Meastra Traxler - Elem
Miss Ferguson - Elem & Inter
Mr. Brooks - Elem
Mrs. Hai Ping - Elem
Mrs. Herndon - Elem
Mrs. Rosenbaum - Elem
Ms Needham - Elem
Maestra Coello - Inter
Maestra Johnson - Elem & Inter
Maestra Yusbeth -EE
Meastra Traxler - Elem
Miss Ferguson - Elem & Inter
Mrs. Wilkis - Inter