School Uniforms

Per the CBA Parent-Student Handbook, the uniform policy for the 2023 – 2024 school year is as follows:

CBA Elementary and Middle School students (Grades 1-8) wear uniforms for multiple reasons. Uniforms help students focus on one another’s character rather than their peer’s attire. Uniforms also help students pursue unity, take on the identity of leaders, promote modesty, dress for success, and ensure safety. Shirt colors were chosen to symbolize both our world and Jesus, the Light of the world. 

  • Daily uniforms are purchased from either Children’s Place, Walmart or Target (Target Cat & Jack Uniforms). 
  • Elementary and Middle School PE T-shirts and Middle School sweatshirts are purchased from the CBA office (
  • Uniform colors include light blue (Daybreak), Navy (Tidal), Bright yellow (Yellow Pencil), and White. 
  • No logos or writing should be on any polo shirts or sweaters. 

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