Quarantines and school illnesses


https://youtu.be/BP9PmfGiKcw As CBA rounds out the first month of school, Dr.  Johnson shared an update on how school is going. So far this year, four classes have been in quarantines. Those classes included one kindergarten pod, two 3-year-old classes, and a second grade class. Zoom schedules and homework packages are prepared for students in quarantine. Those packages can be picked up from the back door of the school, the door that faces the playground, 24 hours after the quarantine is announced. A quarantine lasts seven days if a student produces a negative COVID test and are not showing any symptoms. [...]

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Update to COVID protocol (Aug 18, 2021)


The CBA COVID task force continues to meet weekly to assess the pandemic. The task force encourages us to increase our efforts to limit transmission while Charleston-area numbers are spiking. In addition to the multi-layered approach to protecting our children, CBA is now: Strongly recommending that children wear a mask/shield when they are not socially distanced indoors Requiring teachers to wear masks/shields when they are not socially distanced indoors Requiring school visitors (including parents) to wear masks/shields if they enter the building The task force continues to consider every option in order to limit disease transmission and maximize time in school. [...]

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Meet the Teacher Now Virtual


Due to inclement weather expected this week, we will *NOT* host our Meet the Teacher events outside as planned.  Instead, we will provide a virtual opportunity via Zoom at 7:00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.  Families of elementary students are invited to join Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Thursday we’ll host a Zoom for kindergarten and preschool families.   ****Since we shuffled Meet the Teacher, the MAP testing will following the same schedule as Monday and Tuesday.*****  8:30-9:30 am 4th- 5th grade: Students will take 60-90 minutes to complete the test. Please pick them up at 9:30 am at the soccer field.  9:30-10:30 [...]

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Protocol for COVID exposure


As you are aware, COVID cases are increasing. Local statistics also indicate increasing cases of RSV and influenza in the area. Protecting all our children is paramount. In order to address this changing landscape, CBA has composed a task force of area doctors who meet weekly to analyze the current COVID trends and assess school protocols. The school is implementing a multi-layered comprehensive approach to minimize disease transmission. While parental stances on mask-wearing can differ, we all agree we want to limit exposures/quarantines and protect time in class.  Daily the office receives studies sent in from parents presenting evidence for their [...]

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Health and Wellness Plan


Dear CBA Community, We are ready to welcome our students back to school. We’ve spent the summer rejuvenating and praying for another healthy and productive school year. This month, teachers are returning to campus this week and next for a series of professional development training days. I can tell you they are full of joy and expectation for the year ahead. I know we all have concerns about COVID-19 and how we plan to protect the health of our students, staff, teachers and our greater school community. To that point, I’d like to share what we will be doing proactively this [...]

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FAQs about COVID-19


What is CBA's COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan? CBA is committed to maintaining a safe environment in which our students can learn. When should my child not attend school? It is imperative for your child to stay home if any of the following applies: you suspect your child has COVID-19 your child has tested positive for COVID-19 your child has COVID-19 symptoms your child or your household members have recently had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 It is vital that each family is very transparent about any COVID-19 related situation so we can inform any other [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention and Control – 12/18/20 Parent Update


Dear parents, I write this update with an overflowing, grateful heart to the Lord and to each of you. We are finishing up this half of the year with a healthy CBA family (teachers, students, parents, and grandparents). Only three classes quarantined for 5-6 days this fall. The surprising fact is we missed more school the last 4 autumns due to hurricanes than we did this fall due to COVID. The CBA teachers are my heroes. They have made this school an oasis of joy in the middle of a pandemic. If you could see behind the scenes, they come joyfully to [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention and Control – 11/28 Parent Update


Dear parents,I am grateful that there was no COVID transmission on campus the last week before the break or new reports during the break. As you know, we quarantined Virgen's and Illisbeth's classes 2 weeks ago. These classes will return on Monday, 11/30.  I am grateful for parents' support in quarantining from school and after-school activities. I am also very thankful we followed DHEC recommendations. In total, 2 students, 3 teachers, and 4 parents ended up positive for COVID in these 2 classrooms. According to our contact tracing, the students and parents each contracted COVID from outside of school. Thankfully everyone [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention and Control – 11/13 Parent Update


Dear amazing parents, Here is a quick video update. It has been an eventful week. We had a family stay out of school and then found out their child had strep, another family was out due to the flu, and another due to a cold. I am grateful for the cautious steps families are taking because lots of sicknesses are going around Charleston. We also closed Virgen's class due to a COVID exposure last night (11/12), and this afternoon (11/13), we closed Illisbeth's class due to a COVID exposure.  I spoke multiple times with DHEC today for contact tracing and to make sure [...]

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