Dear parents,
I write this update with an overflowing, grateful heart to the Lord and to each of you. We are finishing up this half of the year with a healthy CBA family (teachers, students, parents, and grandparents). Only three classes quarantined for 5-6 days this fall. The surprising fact is we missed more school the last 4 autumns due to hurricanes than we did this fall due to COVID.

The CBA teachers are my heroes. They have made this school an oasis of joy in the middle of a pandemic. If you could see behind the scenes, they come joyfully to work every day, meeting and praying for each other and for you, and then they teach with all of their hearts. I have never worked in such a special place.

You all, the parents are also amazing. We have so many parents make overprotective decisions to keep their children home until they can confirm they do not have COVID symptoms or exposures. For example, there was a family that stayed out 3 days this week just to make sure a “contact of a contact” didn’t test positive (they waited 3 days for the molecular result even though the rapid test was negative). Additionally, your constant words of encouragement to our staff have been wonderful.

Mathematically, if you have been exposed, there are at least 48 hours before you are contagious. This 48 hour period is crucial in protecting the community. So if someone in your home (or a visitor) has COVID-like symptoms, you can eliminate the risk of your child transmitting COVID at school by immediately quarantining your child. Some families have done this for our school and the result is we have been able to stay in class and protect our at-risk loved ones! Additionally, I would like to give thanks to the Lord that there was no “child to child” transmission at school this fall. I believe the investments in the biosweep, HVAC system, the UVC filters, and the increased outdoor time as well as the sanitation measures have been effective. I would like to especially thank Marli, Keisha, Karla, and Leonor for their spectacular work in sanitizing the school nonstop. Muchas thank yous!

Also, if your family quarantines, we are providing online tutoring via KOM while your child misses class (free of charge). Violeta has done a spectacular job supporting the children while at home. Just contact if your family has to quarantine, and we will set that up.

During the holidays, we know many of you will visit families and friends and maybe eat out. It is inevitable that COVID numbers will increase in Charleston.  Three-four days after new year’s celebrations people will find out that a close contact ended up with COVID. To prepare for a successful launch in January, I am requesting the following:

1. If someone in your household experiences even minor symptoms over the holidays (dry nose, sneezing, loss of taste, cough, vomiting, sore throat, fever…) please do not send your children until you have verified it was not a COVID exposure.

2. We will return to class on January 4th. However, if you attend medium to large new year’s celebrations, then we ask that you do not return until 4 days after the gathering to make sure no close contacts test positive.  
P.S. The concerts were amazing! Thank you to Margarita, Vanessa Lopez and the teachers for reimagining the CBA Christmas concert in such a spectacular way! 

Inspiring World Changers together,

Nathan Johnson Ed.D.
Charleston Bilingual Academy