As CBA rounds out the first month of school, Dr.  Johnson shared an update on how school is going.

So far this year, four classes have been in quarantines. Those classes included one kindergarten pod, two 3-year-old classes, and a second grade class.

Zoom schedules and homework packages are prepared for students in quarantine. Those packages can be picked up from the back door of the school, the door that faces the playground, 24 hours after the quarantine is announced.

A quarantine lasts seven days if a student produces a negative COVID test and are not showing any symptoms. A quarantine lasts 10 days without a test as long as the student is symptom-free.

Students with COVID should remain out of school for 10 days following a positive test.

Students who are exposed at home should expect to quarantine seven days after their last exposure.

As with any start of a school year, there have been other illnesses reported by families within CBA. Two students in the youngest class reported cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease. There have been two cases of RSV and a handful of cases of a stomach virus.

We appreciate families keeping us informed when a student misses school. For details on how to best report sick days from school, read more.






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