Dear Parents,

In this update, I will explain our COVID plan as the Omicron variant has hit Charleston. I honestly believe God has been glorified in how the CBA family has walked this path over the last 22 months. Even as we represent many different opinions, we have kept the unity and thankfully no children have been severely sick.

Statistics indicate that a vast majority of adults have either been vaccinated or have had the virus, which increases their antibodies. This reality probably means the global severity of COVID amongst adults is decreasing. We have less statistical clarity on children since the majority of children do not have antibodies for COVID. We will continue to be conservative in our approach as we monitor Omicron’s impact on children. We believe the contagion rate is very high but will be short-lived, which will allow us to relax measures once numbers decline again.

Here are our core values as we continue to navigate the pandemic:

CBA has updated its protocols in case of positive cases within the CBA community or exposures to positive cases.

EXPOSURE (quarantine) – If a student is exposed to a positive case, the student may A) return to school after 5 days (on day 6) and wear a well-fitting mask for 5 days or B) stay home for 10 days and return on day 11.

POSITIVE CASE (isolation) – If a student tests positive, the student may either: A) return to school after 7 days (on day 8) and wear a well-fitting mask for 3 days OR B) stay home for 10 days and return on day 11.
**If the student is not isolated/quarantined from the positive cases (ie, lives in the same home and shares living space with family members who tested positive), then their quarantine timer would not start until the family member’s isolation time ends.
THIS WEEK (January 3-7, 2022)
  1. We are continuing classes.
    • We recommend that 4-year-olds wear masks/shields.
    • We require that K-5th graders wear masks/shields unless they opted out.
    • If you have any potential COVID-19 symptoms in the house, please keep your child home.
    • If you have a preschooler who does not need to attend class this week, consider keeping them home.
    • We will continue to prioritize hand washing and disinfecting surfaces.
    • Teachers and staff will wear masks/shields until further notice.
  2. The CBA COVID-19 task force is meeting weekly to monitor the changing situation. We are open to your feedback and willing to make wise adjustments (
  3. We want to prepare for potential staffing challenges. Praise Jesus that we have not had to cancel a class due to a staffing shortage. Please communicate to if you are willing to work as a sub over the next six weeks. Even if you do not speak Spanish, you might be able to work in the office and allow an office worker to sub in a class.
  4. Non-symptomatic, vaccinated employees who have been exposed to the virus can continue to work if they wear a well-fitted mask. Non-symptomatic, unvaccinated employees who have been exposed can continue to work in an outdoor environment.
  5. If there has been an in-class exposure, we will do our best to continue via outdoor classrooms, with limited indoor time for reasons such as using the bathroom. We will communicate if there is an in-class exposure so that parents can decide whether they prefer for their child to quarantine at home. Depending on our staffing, we will do our best to support families who quarantine. If several students in a class test positive, then we will move to quarantine the whole class and provide home/virtual support.


He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8


Glorifying God and Inspiring World-Changers Together,

Nate Johnson Ed.D.

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