As you are aware, COVID cases are increasing. Local statistics also indicate increasing cases of RSV and influenza in the area. Protecting all our children is paramount.

In order to address this changing landscape, CBA has composed a task force of area doctors who meet weekly to analyze the current COVID trends and assess school protocols. The school is implementing a multi-layered comprehensive approach to minimize disease transmission.

While parental stances on mask-wearing can differ, we all agree we want to limit exposures/quarantines and protect time in class.  Daily the office receives studies sent in from parents presenting evidence for their position on masks.  We recognize that families have strong beliefs and everyone is focused on the protection of their child and all of our students. 

What CBA is doing to prevent illness at school 

What happens if there is a positive case in the school?

·       Currently, exposed people can return to class after 7 days if they have a negative COVID test and are asymptomatic. If you choose to not have a COVID test, the student can reenter after 10 days if they are asymptomatic.

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