February 13: CBA Open Enrollment

Enrollment February 13: Enrollment will open to new families! Your child’s education = your BEST investment Join over 200 other children who are growing in their faith, growing in bilingualism, and growing in critical thinking at Charleston Bilingual Academy – enroll now and see your child become a CBA Mighty Oak!  In partnership with parents, CBA exists […]

Reading Together: A message from Mrs. Lane

Reading as a Family  Reading aloud together is great for all ages! The time spent reading, learning, and sharing together creates cherished memories. Plus, it’s great for your child’s learning! As you read, take time to talk together. Here are some questions to get the conversation started.  Before you begin a book, talk together!  – Look […]

Bell Schedule Changes Next Year: A Message from Dr. Johnson

I have participated in some learning workshops with futurist Rex Miller. Sometimes he asks audiences the following question, “Would you rather have a penny that will double its total value each day over thirty days or a million dollars today?”  Like you, I smelled a trick question. On day 27, the perpetuating penny now yields […]