Reading as a Family 

Reading aloud together is great for all ages! The time spent reading, learning, and sharing together creates cherished memories. Plus, it’s great for your child’s learning! As you read, take time to talk together. Here are some questions to get the conversation started. 

Before you begin a book, talk together! 

– Look at the cover. “What do you think this book will be about?” “What made you think  that?” 

– “Who might be a character in this story?” 

– Read the title. “What does that title make you wonder?” 

Before you begin reading, but you are continuing a book started previously: – What has happened in the story so far? 

– What do you think is going to happen next? 

During your read-a-loud time, take time to stop and talk together! 

– “Wow! Why did _____ do that?” 

– “Oh no, what do you think _____ will do next?” 

– “How do you think that made ______ feel?” 

– “What would you have done if you were _______?” 

– “What do you think ______ was thinking about when he did that?” 

– “Have you ever felt that way? What did you do?” 

– “What are you imagining in your mind as we read this part?” 

– “How are you like ‘this character’? How are you different than them?” – “How do you think ______ will solve this problem?” 

– “Do you think ______ made a good decision?” “Why?” or “Why not?” – “What do you think the word ______ means?” 

Stop reading at an exciting part…. 

– “What do you think is going to happen next?” 

At the end of the book, talk together! 

– “What was your favorite part of the story?” 

– “Which part would you change?” 

– “If you could write a sequel, what would happen next?” 

– “Ask me a question about the story.” 

– “What question would you like to ask the author?” (or ask one of the characters) 

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