Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12

On behalf of the PTF, we are thrilled to organize Teacher Appreciation Week!  This year, we asked teachers what would be the most meaningful gift to them and the overwhelming response was gift cards. We know from the last two years they also really appreciate meals during that week. If you missed the donation cut-off  but would […]

Thank you! Gracias! Xie xie!

Thank you to everyone who helped get CBA ready for the new year last Saturday!  We are so grateful for the sweat and care you put into improving the facilities and for the fellowship.

Financial Planning!

Dear parents, we have added to the annual calendar when there are extraordinary financial requests so you can plan ahead. As a school, we want to be careful to not “nickel and dime” or charge surprise costs.    For our academic programs, we annually charge a registration fee to cover yearly onboarding costs (January), a supply/textbook fee (July), […]

CBA Framily Fun Run

Framily Fun Run Dear CBA Parents, The biggest day of the year is coming fast! We are expecting 500 people to come to the first-ever CBA Framily Fun Run on April 30. Leading up to this exciting event, we have several activities planned. You’re reading that right. “Framily” is a combo of friends and family, […]

The BIG Game squares fundraiser

Watch Facebook Live with Mr. Johnson as he explains CBA’s Super Bowl Fundraiser! https://fb.watch/3k1vHRb39H/ Click this link for more information. $250 in prizes and proceeds go to help CBA’s sanitation team! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iYYRvnDbcLJXFd-IRcWl6TvPvfQ0ljdlrf1_4OF_AOM/edit?usp=sharing