FAQs about COVID-19


What is CBA's COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan? CBA is committed to maintaining a safe environment in which our students can learn. CBA requires all families to sign our COVID-19 Community Agreement. Every morning, the CBA Chatbot asks each family to report the presence or absence of COVID-19 symptoms for their household. CBA has a COVID-19 Communication Plan.  CBA keeps families informed on COVID-19 prevention and response within our community via the Communications page, in videos and e-mails from Nate Johnson to individuals, classes and to the entire school (several of which are cross-posted in the From Our Headmaster section) and here [...]

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2020. A death and life situation. Thoughts from Dr. Johnson.


In an affluent society, it is easier to be an atheist. Or at least a pragmatic atheist. Regardless of what you say you believe, our actions can look like we are controlling our own destiny and we live for the here and now. Where we spend our money and time will quickly reveal where our heart beliefs lie (pun intended?).  If our ledger does not reveal our hearts, our anxieties will. What stresses us out, and what does that reveal about our beliefs in God and the afterlife? Our affluence has led us to what culture calls a “post truth” society. [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention and Control – 12/18/20 Parent Update


Dear parents, I write this update with an overflowing, grateful heart to the Lord and to each of you. We are finishing up this half of the year with a healthy CBA family (teachers, students, parents, and grandparents). Only three classes quarantined for 5-6 days this fall. The surprising fact is we missed more school the last 4 autumns due to hurricanes than we did this fall due to COVID. The CBA teachers are my heroes. They have made this school an oasis of joy in the middle of a pandemic. If you could see behind the scenes, they come joyfully to [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention and Control – 11/28 Parent Update


Dear parents,I am grateful that there was no COVID transmission on campus the last week before the break or new reports during the break. As you know, we quarantined Virgen's and Illisbeth's classes 2 weeks ago. These classes will return on Monday, 11/30.  I am grateful for parents' support in quarantining from school and after-school activities. I am also very thankful we followed DHEC recommendations. In total, 2 students, 3 teachers, and 4 parents ended up positive for COVID in these 2 classrooms. According to our contact tracing, the students and parents each contracted COVID from outside of school. Thankfully everyone [...]

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COVID-19 Prevention and Control – 11/13 Parent Update


Dear amazing parents, Here is a quick video update. It has been an eventful week. We had a family stay out of school and then found out their child had strep, another family was out due to the flu, and another due to a cold. I am grateful for the cautious steps families are taking because lots of sicknesses are going around Charleston. We also closed Virgen's class due to a COVID exposure last night (11/12), and this afternoon (11/13), we closed Illisbeth's class due to a COVID exposure.  I spoke multiple times with DHEC today for contact tracing and to make sure [...]

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Kids on Mission Fall Registration in 2 weeks!


https://youtu.be/gk_bM0D73kc Hello Parents and Friends! Fall registration will open for Session I of Kids on Mission online program in approximately 2 weeks! Our teachers and staff have been working hard to prepare Christ-centered lessons, interesting visual presentations, as well as fun activities to accompany the student’s live online class experience.  This fall’s online language program, “Exploring God’s World,” will begin by taking students through the creation story. Students will go on to practice talking about parts of the body, emotions, and morning routines. The session ends with an exploration of a farm, where children will be encouraged to talk about the foods [...]

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