Should your child’s education be different from your education? A Message from Dr. Johnson


Believe it or not, as parents, we do many things in life because that is the way our parents did it. From child-rearing, to eating habits, to the sport teams we cheer for (Go Tigers!) and what kind of pets we like or dislike. This often is true in the K12 education we choose for our children. Traditional= safe, neutral, right?... and no one wants to risk messing up their child’s education. In our upcoming parent chats, I will share our curricular vision.   Hear specifically about first grade and the way we approach reading here.  One of our parents has given [...]

Should your child’s education be different from your education? A Message from Dr. Johnson2022-01-17T13:15:30-05:00

Double your donation on Giving Tuesday


This Tuesday is Giving Tuesday. There is absolutely no pressure to give. We are dedicating this year's Giving Tuesday funds toward teacher Christmas bonuses. We have a CBA family who is generously offering a $10,000 match to go toward those teacher bonuses.  So whatever you (or grandparents or friends) give even $10, it will be doubled.  $10 becomes $20 with the generous match. Here is a link to GIVE. Please WATCH THIS VIDEO where Dr. Johnson discusses the CBA budget, fundraising, and Giving Tuesday. It is quite mind-blowing to find out that CBA's cost per pupil is less than a third [...]

Double your donation on Giving Tuesday2021-11-29T08:09:26-05:00

What’s in the Works at CBA

2021-11-14T20:57:27-05:00 We have some big dreams for CBA. Since the launch of Charleston Bilingual Academy, we've been on a God-sized adventure growing this school. We started seven years ago with three teachers and seven students. The teachers took the job as volunteers for the first month because we weren't backed by deep pockets. But we trusted God through this usual start to a school, and we've seen His astounding provision every day.  This year we are pushing 250 students. And those students who started with us as babies in our 20-month-old class are halfway through completing fifth grade. That means we've [...]

What’s in the Works at CBA2021-11-14T20:57:27-05:00

The Dad that Disciplines: A Message from Dr. Johnson


In the months leading up to having another baby, one of my daughters was brimming with anticipation. We just knew she was going to love this baby like her own. I believe she thought she was getting a real-life baby doll for Christmas. Honestly, I was as excited about watching her love her baby sister as I was about meeting this new precious princess. About one month after our new arrival, I had to talk to my daughter. Her behavior had surprisingly gone downhill since her sister came to town. That particular morning, she had intentionally hurt another sibling. I was [...]

The Dad that Disciplines: A Message from Dr. Johnson2021-10-26T05:33:40-04:00

Raising Boys: A Message from Dr. Johnson


I look forward to future blogs, parent chats and conversations about boys and girls. For now, I would like to provide some resources for parents of boys. Did you know that boys’ bodies start injecting them with testosterone by the 8th week after conception? Did you know that boys have up to 20 times more testosterone than girls and experience six to seven surges a day? That’s my excuse, anyway, for why I had to get out of my chair 100x a day, and why I drove my mom and teachers crazy!  It is possible for schools to be led and [...]

Raising Boys: A Message from Dr. Johnson2021-10-26T05:34:12-04:00

Shalom: A Message From Dr. Johnson


Dear Parents, I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement, collaboration and cooperation during the first month of school. We continue to be extremely diligent in protecting our children from COVID and other illnesses, while we strive to do everything possible to keep students in class. To date, we have had to quarantine six classes (each for one week): Liz’s 2 year old class (this past Wednesday), Damaris’ 3A class, Pamela’s 3B, Ingrid’s Kindergarten, 1st Grade B, and 2nd Grade. Most recently, we moved to our outdoor class protocol following an exposure in a 4K class, 1st Grade B, and 4th-5th [...]

Shalom: A Message From Dr. Johnson2021-10-26T05:34:40-04:00

Quarantines and school illnesses

2021-09-11T14:15:50-04:00 As CBA rounds out the first month of school, Dr.  Johnson shared an update on how school is going. So far this year, four classes have been in quarantines. Those classes included one kindergarten pod, two 3-year-old classes, and a second grade class. Zoom schedules and homework packages are prepared for students in quarantine. Those packages can be picked up from the back door of the school, the door that faces the playground, 24 hours after the quarantine is announced. A quarantine lasts seven days if a student produces a negative COVID test and are not showing any symptoms. [...]

Quarantines and school illnesses2021-09-11T14:15:50-04:00
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