Your child’s SAFETY is of utmost importance to us.  Please read these notes about afternoon pick-up procedures to help us keep a close eye on all students during afternoon carpool at the Armory.
  • If you park and walk up to pick up your child, please wait outside the fence. The students will come out and meet you at the fence. If you’d like your child to play on the playground afterwards, please feel free to bring them into the playground. This will help us to keep track of students as they exit the building and get them to you safely. 
  • If you choose to enter the carpool line, please do not get out of your car so that we can keep the line moving. If you would like to get out, please park along the road-side of the parking lot first.
               Thank you for helping us watch over the children at this busy time of the day.
  • Please make sure your student brings their own fork or spoon in their lunch box if needed. We are unable to hand out utensils to every class at lunch time and we want to make sure they are eating all their food.