October 18-20, 2023


Dear Parent Volunteer/Sponsor, 


Thank you for agreeing to serve as chaperone on the field trip to Intermediate School Retreat

Supervising Teacher(s):Nathan Johnson, Jonathan Sierra, Waldina

Participating Class(es): 5th-7th Grade

Date: October 18-20 8:45 am departure and 5:00 pm arrival

Destination: Ridgecrest Conference Center, Black Mountain NC

Cost: $100 per student. The school wil reimburse the cost of gas for drivers.


Transportation: Children will be driven to the address above by CBA teachers, staff, and parents/chaperones. The school’s liability insurance does not cover transportation. The car insurance of each driver covers the passengers in the vehicle.  Parents are responsible for providing your child’s car seat/booster seat if needed. 

On this excursion, CBA’s 5th-7th grades will visit the Ridgecrest Conference Center.  Students will leave CBA with their teachers and parent chaperones/drivers at 8:45 am, and will return by the end of the school day on Friday. The class will eat their packed lunch on the way there.  The retreat will focus on students relationship with God and then how they love others through servant leadership.

As we prepare for a successful and safe trip, please note the following expectations that have been discussed with the students:


I understand that it is a privilege to leave school grounds and visit educational facilities. Trips like this are an exciting learning experience in which to participate. I know that I am an image-bearer of God wherever I go. I agree to be an honorable representative of God and Charleston Bilingual Academy in my speech, action, and attitude by obeying and participating with honor and respect.


I promise to behave in a manner that would please Jesus, my parents, and my school leaders. This includes:

  • While traveling (in the bus or in a personal vehicle)
    • I will obey the adult in charge with a smile, all the way, right away.
    • I will ride where I am assigned to ride.
    • I will wear a seatbelt at all times.
    • I will remain seated.
    • I will talk in a quiet voice with my classmates, using words that build them up and are a benefit to everyone.
    • I will not use any electronic devices
    • Music in the vehicle is at the choice of the driver.
  • While at the museum or destination
    • I will remain with the group to which I am assigned without complaint.
    • I will be quick to listen to the adult speaking.
    • I will ask questions and seek to learn and understand more.
    • I understand there might be a gift shop. However, we will not be going in to shop. I understand that I should not bring money with me to the field trip.

I understand that if I choose to behave in an unacceptable manner, consequences will follow that may include notice to my parents, supplementary assignments, or the possibility of being ineligible to attend the next field trip.



An important part of the day that is often overlooked is the time in the vehicle, traveling to and from the location. Please note – 

  • We want the students to be talking together with their classmates.
  • The chaperones will have constant contact via their cellphones during the day. Therefore, we ask that students do not bring their own phone with them. If you wish for them to have a phone after school, please have your child give their phone to the teacher at the beginning of the day and retrieve it at the end of the day. 
  • The chaperones will be taking pictures of the adventure. We want the students’ attention to be focused on the presentations and learning at hand. Therefore, we ask that students not bring a camera or phone to take pictures.
  • Please note carefully what your child should bring with them on the day of the trip. Most often students should bring their lunch with them as normal. Vehicles will not be stopping at restaurants or other food venues unless planned prior to the trip.
  • If music is played in the vehicle, it is at the choice of the driver. We ask that all music be God-honoring.
  • Sometimes there is a gift store at museums. Sometimes (not all the time) there may be time to visit the gift store. If you would like your child to be able to purchase anything, it is your child’s responsibility to have money with them at your guidance. The teacher and chaperones are not able to loan students money.

Inspiring world changers together,

Nathan Johnson

CBA 2023-24 Field Trip Chaperone Form

Chaperone Name(Required)
Enter CBA Student's Name and Relationship (if applicable)
I have read and agree to abide by the CBA Field Trip Expectations for Students and Chaperones document.(Required)
I will be transporting students in my own vehicle and will provide proof of insurance to the Charleston Bilingual Academy office BEFORE the day of the field trip. (Please either A) Take a picture of the front and back of your insurance card and email to admissions@charlestonbilingualacademy.org OR B) Bring a copy to the receptionist). I understand that my vehicle insurance shall serve as the primary insurance coverage in the event of an accident during the field trip.
I will provide a copy of my driver's license to the Charleston Bilingual Academy office BEFORE the day of the field trip so the CBA Office can run a background check. (Please either A) Take a picture of the front and back of your driver's license and email to officestaff@charlestonbilingualacademy.org OR B) Bring a copy to the receptionist).
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