Using your 529 for K-12 education

Written by a CBA parent Do you have a 529 College Savings Plan for your child? If so, you need to know about a compelling and fairly new component of your 529 plan that can benefit your family before college! [...]

An Oasis of Joy

164 days. March 13-August 24th. 164 days without teachers and children in the hallways.5 days. This week. 5 days with voices and laughter of children filling every corner of campus.  Sometimes we experience emotions where we struggle to find words [...]

Saving for Tuition

Dear Parents,One of the schools in our network published the following blog which is very helpful in ways to leverage/save money during this crisis and prepare for tuition payments starting in July. Additionally, Charleston Bilingual Academy is implementing a referral fee [...]

The Generosity Station

Generosity. When you hear that word, what emotion is stirred in you? Joy? Skepticism? Weariness? Curiosity? Fear? Warm fuzzies? Anxiety?   I have met extraordinarily wealthy people who are depressed, and I have met impoverished people who are exceedingly grateful. [...]

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