Your child has the opportunity to participate in academic tutoring as requested by their classroom teacher. CBA hires tutors to work with students on topics specifically requested by their regular classroom teachers. Students may receive language tutoring, academic tutoring, or homework help during this time. Tutoring may be given in small groups or individually and are usually around 30 minutes in length.

Students may receive tutoring once per week for 30 minutes during the school day at no cost; however, if a student requires additional support or tutoring after school, academic tutoring fees will apply. The school will invoice the family for any additional tutoring fees each month. Academic tutoring fees are as follows:

30 minute sessions (during regular school hours)
1 day= included in tuition
2 days= $15 weekly; $60 month
3 days= $30 weekly; $120 month
4 days= $45 weekly; $180 month
5 days= $60 weekly; $240 month

60 minute after-school sessions (3:15-4:15)
1 day= $25 weekly; $100 month
2 days= $50 weekly; $200 month
3 days= $75 weekly; $300 month

**If you have any questions regarding tutoring, or are experiencing financial hardship, please contact

CBA Academic Tutoring Permission Slip

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For after-school tutoring, please indicate which day(s) your child is available to work with the tutor after school (see fees above):