CBA is pleased to offer students the opportunity to participate in afterschool tutoring for Spanish, English, and math. Tutoring takes place Mondays-Fridays from 3:15-4:15PM. Teachers and tutors work with students on goals set by their regular classroom teachers. CBA currently offers tutoring for the following grade levels: 

  • 1st-7th grade Spanish
  • 3rd-7th grade English
  • 3rd-7th grade math

All tutoring takes place in small groups of 1-3 students.

The fees for tutoring are listed below and will be invoiced by the school each month.

1 day per week= $100 monthly ($25 per session)

2 days per week=$200 monthly

3 days per week=$300 monthly

**If you have any questions regarding tutoring, or are experiencing financial hardship, please contact

CBA Academic Tutoring Permission Slip

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For after-school tutoring, please indicate which day(s) your child is available to work with the tutor after school (see fees above):