CBA Elementary & Middle School Celebration of Learning

We celebrated a year of learning on May 29!

Parents gathered in the HABC sanctuary to watch presentations by each grade level.

CBA students worked hard all year & showcased a few of their projects.

Parents walked through the classrooms to see a Gallery of Learning! Listened as students shared how they are becoming creative thinkers, confident communicators, and courageous leaders as they do real work to solve real problems for real people.

CBA Grade 4 Promotion to Middle School

CBA Grade 4 students were promoted to Middle School on May 30!

Grade 5 welcomed the rising 5th graders to Middle School by giving them the CBA Middle School hoodie.

Grade 3 also took part in the promotion by watching to see what is expected of them in the next year getting ready for their promotion in the upcoming school year.

CBA Kindergarten Graduation

CBA Kindergarten students graduated on May 24!