Summer is almost here! Summer is a wonderful time with relaxed schedules and sunny days! Our hope is that your child’s days will be filled with time outdoors of exploration, discovery, and creativity. The more they can be running, bking, swimming, and playing off of screens, the better! 

Summer also is an important time to keep learning and avoid the ‘summer learning slide’! Summer slide (or learning loss) is the idea that students often regress during gaps in learning. We see a ‘slide’ in students’ language fluency when they return after two weeks of Christmas break. The long summer season can make the learning loss even more pronounced. And the impact is cumulative.

In a study by the American Educational Research Journal, more than half of students in the study lost 39 percent of their learning gains over the course of five summers in elementary school. Simply put, our students can’t take the whole summer off from learning.  Please find below multiple opportunities for your child to continue to grow and learn!

  1. Enroll in LOM! Language on Mission:  LOM offers the same unique, world-class education as Charleston Bilingual Academy, but the program is offered through an online platform, opening the doors for students all over the country (and the world!) to participate.
  1. Contact a CBA teacher listed below directly to arrange for summer language tutoring (reading, writing)

Teacher Name

Contact Information



Ms. Ingrid Escobar



Ms. Violeta Ruggiero



Miss Diana Cuellar 



Miss Rachel Ferguson



Miss Katie Needham



Ms Laura Alvarez

  1. Join the Summer Art Club
  1. Join the Charleston County Public LIbrary reading  program. Earn exciting prizes while enjoying good books! Check here for a list of great books for each grade level.
  2. Sign-up to attend the Clemson Summer Reading program! Programs are offered by Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Programs are available for students getting ready for Kindergarten all the way through students entering college! Call 1-800-499-8557 to register. Inquire early as class size is limited. See flyers below.
  1. Continue working in IXL! Elementary and MIddle School students have access all summer!
  1. Continue reading in RAZ Kids! KG and Elementary students have access all summer!

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