*UPDATED May 15, 2024*
May 23: Due to Elementary/MS MAP testing, we have rearranged our schedule slightly. At the 5K Breakfast, we will spend time together talking over a delicious breakfast, rejoice over character growth seen throughout this year, and hear a welcome from CBA’s Elementary Principal. Afterwards you are invited to take a tour with your child to see where they will be learning next year at the HABC campus (Holmes Avenue Baptist Church, 4602 Durant Avenue, North Charleston). Students will then return to the EC Campus in shifts using the CBA bus. The rest of the morning and afternoon will be as usual.


The revised 5K Breakfast schedule is as follows:



8:15 – 8:30

Arrive at FBC and, if you are early,  hang out with your child and their friends in the usual drop-off areas or the playground and basketball court

8:30 – 9:00

5K families eat breakfast outside together on the basketball court unless it rains, in which case, we will eat indoors like we did for Grandparents Days

9:00 – 9:30

5K families proceed to the Sanctuary. Children get their certificates; common superlatives are called all at once, so no extra time will be added. 

Families will be dismissed from the FBC campus. 

Families may opt for a tour of the HABC campus with Principal Marilyn Lane. 

We ask that some parents ride together, while some may ride on the CBA bus due to limited parking at HABC.

9:45 – 10:30

5K children who will attend CBA next year will have recess at the new campus while one group at a time goes in for a tour with Mrs. Lane. 

Children who will not attend CBA will have recess with assistant teachers at FBC.


Travel back to FBC. 

5K classes reconvene for the remainder of the day. 

Your child’s pick-up will be in the regular fashion, unless you want to take your child with you after the tour of HABC.


*UPDATED April 22, 2024*
 Kindergarten Breakfast, MAP Testing, and HABC Campus Tour

Thanks to the generous donation of used laptops that two CBA parents procured, we now have enough to conduct the MAP Kindergarten practice tests at FBC!  We will send more details next week. In the meantime, please note:

All 3 Kindergarten Classes will take their practice Spanish Language Arts test and their practice Math test on Monday, May 13.

All 3 Kindergarten Classes  will take the official MAP tests on Tuesday, May 14 & Wednesday, May 15, with a good, long break in between each.