Private Classes

  • Experience personalized, one-on-one Spanish classes with native speakers.
  • Choose from a range of topics tailored to your interests and needs.
  • Access provided resources for continued practice beyond class hours.
  • Classes offered throughout the summer semester: June 10 to July 26
  • Flexible class lengths available
  • Suitable for ages 13 and above.
  • Interested in sharing classes with a friend? Let us know, and we can arrange group sessions during private class times.

Group Spanish Bible Study

How do you know God’s our Father? 
  • Elevate your Spanish fluency with our 4-month conversation class, starting June 21.
  • Join weekly one-hour Zoom sessions, running from June 21 to July 19.
  • Get comprehensive worksheets each week to enhance study and vocabulary.
  • Just $50 for the entire 4-month program!
  • Register now to take your Spanish skills to the next level!