PBL (Project Based Learning) always begins with a question as students seek to do real work to solve real needs of real people. In Spanish class, our third grade students have been asking, “Si quiero cambiar el mundo, ¿cómo puedo mantenerme saludable para poder amar a los demás?” (If I want to change the world, how can I stay healthy so I can love others?). Throughout semester 1 students learned about the incredible body God created, from the smallest unit of DNA to the study of the brain, healthy food, and body systems. They wrapped up their semester 1 with Wellness Week, a time to share their learning with others and invite all of CBA to be healthy world changers!

Thank You Sponsors!

Funds raised through the sponsorships will be used as follows:

1. CBA Grade 3 desires to share healthy eating with others. In reaching out to the community, Grade 3 serves at Dunston Elementary School and is eager to provide easier access to healthy foods for them by hiring two farm-fresh food delivery trucks for distribution in the Charleston Farms community.   

2. CBA Grade 3 students hope to raise funds to provide activities and prizes to encourage both the students and teachers towards overall wellness during Wellness Week. 

3. CBA Grade 3 students will donate any additional funds to CBA to further improve our physical education (PE) department by purchasing baseball and volleyball equipment, new wrestling mats, and new ping pong paddles.

Please see our sponsors below!

Quality interior and exterior paint, drywall repairs, decks & general repairs.



Tennis Clinic Coach in
Park Circle
Peggy Bochofnor, 843.270.5080

Counseling services for teens and adults. 

Our pediatricians and nurse practitioner love caring for children of all ages. We desire to deliver excellent health care for your children.


The Dance Atelier is North Charleston’s premier dance studio, conveniently located in Park Circle.


Wildcraft Health

Healing through herbal and nutritional therapy. Offering holistic, alternative care for women’s health and pediatrics.

Lauren Cicione