It’s almost time for MAP testing week! Dec. 11 – 14 is MAP Growth testing week. This is an exciting time for you and your child to see and show all that they have learned so far this year and what they are ready to learn next. Grade 1 – 7 students will take MAP tests that cover English reading, Spanish reading, and Spanish math. Grade 5 – 7 students will also take an English Language Arts assessment.Testing begins on Monday, Dec. 11. 

This assessment is individualized for each and every child. This is an adaptive test. This means that there will be some questions that are very easy and others that seem too hard. As your child answers a question correctly, MAP will give them a harder question next. If they miss a question, MAP will give them one that is just a bit easier. In this way the test ‘adapts’ to each student’s understanding. There is nothing your child needs to study in advance at home.

How, then, can you help your child be prepared? 

1. Make sure they get a good night’s rest each night!

2. Make sure they arrive at school on time, having eaten a good breakfast!

3. Talk to your child about trying their hardest, taking their time to read the questions carefully. 

If you would like to learn more, please see the attached sheet. You can also read some common questions asked by parents about MAP at NWEA:

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