We are excited to continue our 3rd annual CBA Elementary/Internediate School Thanksgiving Feast! We are happy to invite our local pastors and Donor as a way to say “Thank You”.
We hope that students will learn that “great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Please help your children in this lesson by allowing THEM to particiapte in the action of bringing their assigned item in their classroom by Nov 10 (non perishable) and 15 (perishable).
We are encouraging our students to be servant leaders by allowing the intermediate grade students to help in serving at the meal before partaking in the meal themselves.
The vents of the day include a special chapel from Dr. Johnson, then a loving time of feasting together as a schoolin celebration of the great bounty we have enjoyed this year, especially our new facility!
**Friday, November 17, is an early dismissal day.**
This is a special event that we hope will create lasting memories for your children. Click here find ways in which you, as a parent, can help with the event. If you volunteer, you are welcome to attend the event.
Contact Leah Norton with any questions.

Collection of Items:

Each child has been assigned a canned or dry good to contribute to the feast. Your child’s class parent has been notified of that list. If you have not received that information, please reach out o the. All children should have their items in no later than November 15.

Set-up Crew:

Volunteer to be a parent that will stay after school to arrange tables and chairs, as well as decorate on November 16.

Preparing the Meal:

Ingredients and supplies will be distributed after school on Thursday, November 16 to seventeen parents that have volunteered to be a “Chef”. Some Chefs will cook their items at Holmes Elementary, while Chefs will be asked to prepare and deliver their designated item on Friday, November 17 @ 11am, hot and ready to be served. Chefs can stay and help serve.

*Note: Chefs might not prepare the dish that their child’s class collected- Chefs are only responsible for the preparation of 1 food.


Serving the Meal:

Eight additional parents may volunteer as a Server. They will arrive on Friday, November 17 @ 9:30am to help and serve the Thanksgiving meal, then clean up after.