Preparing for and moving through ACSI Accreditation filled our days the past weeks. It filled our days, but left a hole that only you can fill. What is that hole? The desire for you to come and see all the wonderful things happening at CBA! Therefore, we would like YOU to ‘come and see’! Come join us for morning assembly. Come and walk the halls with Mrs. Lane and Dr. Johnson – look into classrooms through welcoming windows, see the beautiful work the students are doing, hear the joy and laughter that fills the building each day.

Check your ClassDojo “Messages” for the details pertaining to your child’s grade.



‘Come and See’ – Grade 2

(Tuesday, see students participate in CREW)



Parent Chat – “Firsties Fellowship!”


26 – 27

Fall Break



‘Come and See’ – Grade 4.

(Tuesday, see students lead CREW discussions)



‘Come and See’ – Grade 5

(Wednesday, see team lead assembly)



‘Come and See’ – Grade 3

(Thursday, see ‘shout-outs)



‘Come and See’ – Grade 6/7

(Friday, 2:00. Students then have a presentation at 2:30)