Early Childhood News & Tips: Z-A Countdown Week 4

Monday is “Mandarin se escribe con M” = Mandarin Day.

We will learn about the countries where this language is spoken and some of our Mandarin learners will also help their teacher, Laoshi Yen Li “Claire” in chapel.

Tuesday is “Limbo empieza con L” = Limbo Day. 

We will play the limbo dance.

Wednesday is “Karate Day” or “Karate se escribe on K.”

We will have a karate class today.

Thursday is “June, July & August Birthdays”.

We will celebrate summer birthdays today and Friday.

Friday is “Puerto Rico es una isla” = Puerto Rico is an island.

Wear island clothes today. We will learn about this marvelous associated state of the US in class and eat a dessert from the island made by Maestra Virgen. It’s called “tembleque.”

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