Early Childhood News & Tips: Z-A Countdown Week 3

Monday is Regalo se escribe con R” day = “Gift (in Spanish) is written with R” Day.

It’s teacher appreciation week. Bring a homemade card and/or any other small present you would like to give to your teacher on Monday. Monday is “Regalo se escribe con R” day = “Gift (in Spanish) is written with R” Day.  Teacher appreciation week will start next week but today the children will have a lesson on the greatest gift of all: Jesús.

Tuesday is “Quetzal empieza con Q” = “Quetzal begins with Q” day. 

We will learn about this wonderful bird that is the national symbol of Guatemala, and about Guatemala as well. We will do so with a chapel dedicated to this beautiful country that is also home to the amazing Maya.

Wednesday is “Pizza Day” or “Pizza se escribe on P.” 

Classes will make little pizzas today (ingredients provided by CBA with gluten-free options).

Thursday is Orgullosos de nuestra escuela” = “Proud of our School” Day.

How school pride by wearing a CBA t-shirt or one of our school colors which are blue, yellow, and purple.

(You may purchase a t-shirt by emailing officestaff@charlestonbilingualacademy.org).

Friday is Numbers Day.

We will be finding numbers everywhere, counting, and making crafts with numbers today.

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