Students in grades 5 and 6 have been asking the question, ¿Cómo podemos cuidar el mundo de Dios y usar Sus recursos de manera responsable? How can we care for God’s world and use His resources responsibly? As they study to gain understanding of the world in which they live, they have investigated renewable and non-renewable resources and learned that there is a crisis – a water crisis! As one of the most precious resources on our planet, 2.2 billion people around the world lack access to safe water. The question then has arisen, how can we play a part in making sure that clean water is available to everyone on earth?

Students have been doing real work to meet the real need of real people as they partnered with WaterMission and the work WaterMission is doing around the world. Students planned, organized, and implemented a special Water Crisis Awareness Day for elementary students. They prepared a presentation to help younger students become aware of the crisis situation and begin to understand the difficulty other children face in acquiring what we consider common.  They then invited elementary students to take part in raising money to help meet the need to help provide safe water to others through special lunch time water activities. 5th and 6th grade students sold lemonade and water balloons, all in hopes of drawing awareness to the fact that water is considered a common commodity to us, and yet to others around the world it is not so easily accessible. Our students had a goal to raise $400 for Water Mission. They raised $1,368.28 in total, ($323.23 was raised on Water Crisis Day alone).

Grade 5 and 6 students then sponsored the first CBA Walk for Water Team. About 65 people from CBA joined over 5,000 people at River Front Park on Saturday, March 25, to ‘walk so that others do not have to’. Students and families joined in walking nearly three miles, carrying buckets as they remembered that some children around the world do this multiple times a day just so their families have water to meet daily needs. By organizing a team to join the Walk for Water, students were able to help Water Mission provide accessible, lifesaving safe water solutions for communities they serve around the world. WaterMission’s goal for this year was to raise enough money to bring clean, safe water to 10,000 people in need around the world. Our students are learning that although they are only one, they can make a difference for many and already be ones who care for God’s world and use His resources responsibly!