Be on the lookout for registration information for the second annual Fun Run at CBA, our big Spring Fundraiser March 20! This year, we are focused on raising funds to “Grow CBA.” Funds will be used for building playgrounds on the Friendship and Holmes Avenue campuses.

All Runs will take place at Armory Park (Grades 1-6 playground) on Friday, April 7.

PreK-5K will run at 10:00am before pickup
1st-6th grade will run at 11:00am before pickup

Parents are encouraged to come early to watch and cheer on their child during the race!

After the races, stay for some fun from 11:00am – 1:30pm. **Since this is a half-day at CBA, PreK-5K parents will be responsible for their own children from 11:50 (pickup) until 1:30pm. Grades 1-6 parents will be responsible for their own children from 12:15 (pickup) until 1:30pm.

March 20: Registration begins! You will register on and begin collecting funds. All registration details will be provided soon.

March 24: CBA’s goal is to have all students registered by Friday, March 24.

There will be family and class prizes given by meeting fundraising goals! There will also be raffles on the day of the CBA Fun Run.

Be sure to stay up to date by going to: CBA Facebook, CBA Community Connections Facebook (private) or CBA Fun Run Facebook Event.