Children are so excited about new toys and electronics they may have received over Christmas break or for birthdays. We, too, love to give and get gifts. We want them to enjoy them…. at home. To keep toys and electronics from distracting them or others, and to keep them from getting broken or lost, we ask that they do not bring toys or electronic devices to school. Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, tablets, smart watches, and personal laptops to name a few.

CBA has a “Door to Door” policy for all personal electronic devices. This is outlined in our Parent Handbook as: Use of personal electronic devices is not permitted during school hours without teacher permission. All electronics should be turned off and put away upon arrival at school and remain there off and away until returning to your car door at the end of the day. If electronics are out or used, such items will be confiscated, and the parent may retrieve them from the teacher at a later time. Emergency phone use can happen only with the teacher’s permission in the main office. During school hours, parents are asked to call the school office rather than calling their child directly.

Thank you for partnering with us to help your child and their classmates maintain focus on classroom learning by leaving all personal electronic devices at home!