CBA Grade 2 participated in “Count Your Blessings” activity before Christmas break. This activity allowed Grade 2 to work with Ms Nadine at Recycled Love Thrift Store located on Remount Rd., North Charleston. Ms. Nadine’s ministry works directly with homeless people in our area. You can find out more about her ministry by visiting Recycled Love’s Facebook page and website.

Grade 2 were able to count their blessings and use their “money” to purchase items for each gift bag to be given out to the homeless on Christmas Eve. Each student wrote encouraging notes, drew beautiful pictures and filled up bags with all the yummy treats that they “purchased”. The notes and drawings hopefully warmed peoples hearts during the holidays.

Ms. Nadine also invited second graders and their families to come to Recycled Love Thrift Store December 24, to help give out the treat bags. Friendship Baptist Church was also there giving out a hot lunch.

Please see the videos from CBA Grade 2A & 2B “purchasing” items for the gift bags, writing their notes & filling up the bags!

You will also see a video from Ms. Nadine when she received the gifts that were to be given out.