Did you know that historians now believe that Einstein’s wondrous brain was an Asperger’s one? During CBA’s Teacher-In-Service, our EC teachers had a presentation called, “Wondrous Minds: Embracing Our Neuro-diverse Students.” In EC we are learning that there are some kids that might need a little bit more room and a space to rest if they feel tired or overwhelmed from so much sensory input. This week in the 3 yo to Kindergarten chapel, our kids will hear through a puppet show about how to be good friends with kids who might need a little bit more help from friends. In addition, a special guest will also visit classrooms and read to kids picture books on this subject. 

Many thanks to author and teacher of over 20 years, Rutledge Hammes along with his fellow teacher and wife, Tiffani Hammes, for their presentation. Our virtual school teachers in Ecuador and Mexico, as well as members of a school that we are partnering with in Honduras, also joined us online.

Click here to see the presentation, “Wondrous Minds”.