DATE: Sunday December 11, 2022

LOCATION: NewSpring Church

TIME: 3 – 4pm 

COST: FREE but must RSVP

HIP-HIP HOORAY!  It’s almost Christmas! We are excited that we will all be able to be under one roof for this year’s Christmas concert, as was our tradition in years past. In order to fit everyone, including grandparents, neighbors, and friends, we have found a new space: NewSpring Church. Several CBA families attend this church, which accommodates 1000+, but they need to know how many chairs to put out. 

So, please RSVP by 12/7/22 through the school Evite.

Program Notes

  • Grades 1-6 will perform first (approx. 30 minutes), while Early Childhood (EC) students (20mo-5K) watch in the audience with their families.  Bonus: We hope this helps assure younger students that being on stage is a happy experience!
  • There will be a 10-minute intermission. The ECE students will join their teachers backstage and the  Elementary students will stay with their teachers, sitting together as a class through the entire program. This will allow them to easily join the ECE students at the end.
  • The second half of the concert will take place with the EC students (approx. 30 minutes).
  • EC students will sing in this order: 5K (Kindergarten), 4K (4yo), 3yo and finally, the 20mo & 2yo classes together.
  • For the 20mo-2yo group, we ask that one parent or guardian volunteer dress up in a biblical costume (we will send instructions for easy costunes you can make with sheets!), and the wee little ones will be dressed as sheep. We ask that the parent or guardian walk on stage with the little “sheep” since being on stage is usually harder for them. 
  • The 20mo & 2yo classes will stay on stage for the GRAND FINALE, at which time ALL other classes (3yo – Grade 6) will be invited to join in to sing the CBA classic Christmas song “Mi Burrito Sabanero” together on stage.