Let’s Celebrate Math!

Math class is a favorite of many students at CBA! Elementary children explore the world with wonder as they investigate, explore, create, sing, discuss, and present what they are doing. Students are encouraged to ask questions, present their thinking, and take ownership of their learning. And all of that is being done in math class in Spanish!

Mathematics is the study of God’s creation and His ordered universe. Through His creation, God reveals His nature in mathematical principles that are absolutely true and reliable. Mathematics is the tool God has given us to numerically describe His creation. As students learn to solve equations, prove theorems, or work through any mathematical process, they are uncovering God’s truth and seeing the beauty of order and design in the universe.

Mrs. Rossana Johnson, head of the CBA math department, and Mrs. Xochitl Martinez teach math using what is known as the Singapore Math methodology. This method focuses on more than just rote memorization and helps students develop number sense and learn to think mathematically. Concepts are introduced in a tangible way and then progress to ever increasing levels of abstraction. Your kids are using manipulatives, number bonds, bar modeling, mental math, and more as they continually build on previous lessons learned and apply new understanding to think critically in solving word problems. Your children are becoming creative thinkers and successful problem solvers as their confidence and love for learning grows. Now that’s something worth celebrating!