Project Based Learning (PBL) always begins with a question that drives the learning. This year, Grade 4 is considering, “How can I learn from the past to become a leader who impacts the future for the good?” From the study of US History (Civil War to present), grade 4 students are seeking to learn how leaders, people, and events have impacted the development of our country. They are discovering how the choices made by others impact more than just themselves. Stories are being read of life through the years to see how the development of new ideas and technology impacted life, both positively and negatively.  As students learn from the past, they are growing into courageous leaders, which is one of our expected student outcomes. To kick off their study, students visited Ft. Sumter and walked where history was made. Students were able to participate in a flag raising program and learn more about the lives of individuals who impacted not only Charleston, but our country.