Project based learning is messy! How messy? Ask our 5th and 6th grade students! Our students are seeking to answer the question, “How do diverse plants increase human flourishing?” Students have been learning about what plants need to grow including healthy soil. They have tested soil in our garden, determined what it needs to grow plants well, and explored how worms impact healthy soil! This week they started their very own ‘Worm Farm’ and compost to aid in developing healthy soil. Guest speakers including Mr. Ty, who formerly worked with Clemson Extension, and Mrs. Sarah Martin have shared their expertise with the students about conducted compression, percolation, pH and worm-farming. Dirty? You bet! Exciting and full of learning? You bet! Getting students to collaborate outside of the box about botany and health is forming creative thinkers, one of our expected student outcomes. What a joy to see students worship God for making diverse plants, soil, and animals to increase human flourishing!