All parents should have received an email invitation to join your child’s class on ClassDojo.  

To connect to your child’s class:

  • Accept the invitation that was emailed to you from ClassDojo


If you did not receive an email invitation from ClassDojo to join your child’s class, click the link for your child’s class below. The teachers will receive a request to allow you to be connected to your child’s classroom. If the email you provide is not the same as the email indicated on your child’s CBA application, there may be additional information needed for verification before you are allowed to join the class. Thank you for your patience!

EE 20mo – Maribel/Erika –

EE 2yo – Liz/Maria –

EE 2-3yo (3A) – Marvel/Michelle –

EE 3B – Martha/Hogla –

EE 3C – Roxy/Karla –

EE 4A – Virgen/Justhine –

EE 4B – Yami/Mili –

EE 4C – Illisbeth/Franyelin –

5K – A – Luisana/Susana –

5K – B – Ingrid/Leidi –

Grade 1 –

Grade 2 –

Grade 3 –

Grade 4 –

Grades 5&6 –