Hola CBA Parents!

We need your help completing Back-to-School Parent Forms.

1) KINDERGARTEN through Grade 6 ONLY: 2022-23 Field Trip Liability Form 

Throughout the year, your child’s class will be going on various field trips. Field trips/activities are carefully planned to correlate with and enhance your child’s learning.

For students to participate in field trips, parents/guardians should:

  • NOW – Sign and complete the LIABILITY FORM ONCE for the 2022 – 2023 academic school year.  Please take a moment to review this information regarding liability, transportation, and student conduct. 

  • LATER – Sign the individual PERMISSION SLIP that is sent home for each field trip. For each field trip, your child will receive a permission slip outlining the activity, costs to be incurred, and timings. 

    2) GRADES 1-6 ONLY: IT Use Agreement Form

    As a part of schoolwork, CBA gives the supervised use of computers and storage space on the server for student’s work. Student’s behavior and language should follow the same rules that are followed in class and at school. (NOTE: Students in Grades 1-6 received a printed copy of this form to review and discuss with their parents at home.) 

    3) ALL FAMILIES:  Volunteer Agreement Handbook and Volunteer Agreement Form

    CBA values the contribution of its many volunteers in keeping costs down and helping the school run efficiently.  If you are interested in volunteering at CBA this school year, we ask that you: