We are surrounded by bridges and train traffic and sometimes there is no way to avoid getting stuck.  We recommend either turning up the music or using this alternate route (see map).

Before you get to the train tracks on Montague, turn right onto Morningside Drive.  At the light, take a left onto Rivers Ave (Hwy 52 South) towards Charleston.  When you cross over the viaduct (crossing over the train!), turn left onto Durant Ave.  Turn left onto Mixson Ave and continue to Lackawanna Blvd. 

If you are already on Rivers Avenue, continue to Durant > Mixson > Lackawanna.

When you are stuck in any kind of traffic in the morning, there is no need to call the office if you will arrive by 9am. Just let us know when you arrive, and Grades 1-6 will need to be signed in to receive a tardy slip.