It’s our custom every year, our kindergarten students will take a practice test on our school laptops . We are administering this practice test so that when students take the test again in August, they will be familiar with the process. Our students always think it’s very exciting that they get to do something on a computer. 

This is a standardized test known as the NWEA MAP Growth Test. Our school uses this test starting in 1st grade to collect data that is very useful to the teachers to monitor their growth.

More information on testing days and purposes are found below.

Monday, 5/16

9:15-10:15 AM    5K Section A

10:30-11:30  AM    5K Section B

Wednesday, 5/18 

11:00-11:55  AM    5K Section A

Thursday, 5/19

8:45-9:40 AM    5K Section B

Starting in August, we will administer the test three times per year throughout elementary school so that teachers and parents can monitor student growth according to national standards. Read here to find out more about testing in elementary grades at CBA.

Please drop off your child as usual at their regular classroom drop-off point. Please try to be on time on these dates.

If your child arrives after 8:40 am, please drop off your student to the main campus back door.  

Students will be testing in the Fellowship Hall (main campus) and computers will be cleaned between uses.  Your child will be using a CBA laptop with headphones and a mouse to take one test each day (2 tests total).  The average test should take less than 30 minutes, but tests are not timed, allowing children to go at their own pace.

Here are a few resources from NWEA:

MAP Fact Sheet

MAP Parent Resources/ToolkitFAQ page for parents

MAP Student Resources and Practice Test (K-2)

Animated video explaining what it’s like to take the test from a student’s perspective

Practice Test – username: grow, password: grow (**If your Kindergartener is unfamiliar with using a computer/laptop/mouse, we recommend they take the practice test at home.)