Our students can keep the language learning going all summer long through our online program, Kids on Mission. Plus, the classes help our students avoid what’s called “summer slide”. Register here.

Summer slide (or learning loss) is the concept that students regress during gaps in learning. We see a slide in students’ language fluency when they return after the two weeks of Christmas break. The long summer season can make the learning loss even more pronounced. 

And the impact is cumulative.

In a study by the American Educational Research Journal, more than half of students in the study lost 39 percent of their learning gains over the course of five summers in elementary school. Simply put, our students can’t take the whole summer off from learning. 

Kids on Mission offers the same unique, world-class education as Charleston Bilingual Academy, but the program is offered on an online platform, opening the doors for students all over the country (and the world!) to participate. Registration is easy.

Hear from our students

With a simple Google search, you can find many wonderful online Spanish classes and Mandarin classes for kids, but what sets us apart is that the love of God propels and informs everything we do, from our curriculum to how we interact with our students.

Our name is Kids on “Mission,” which speaks to the heart of our program – to equip children with language skills so they can not only derive all the wonderful benefits of being bilingual but to engage and love the world in a deep, meaningful way.


In a study out of the University of Missouri–St. Louis, researchers found that by engaging students in weekly, interactive lessons online, students didn’t just hold onto what they learned over the school year. On average, they made a 13 percent gain.  

That’s huge! We hope to see you this summer!