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For our Christmas program this year, we are changing the normal format so families can take a tour around the world together. The Christmas program is on Thursday, December 16, from 11 am until 12 pm for our early childhood students and from 1 pm until 2 pm for our elementary students.


When you arrive at CBA, you will pick up your preschool student from their rainy day locations at 10:50 am and start your tour together at the front of Friendship Baptist Church. At the beginning of the self-led tour, will you get a passport for your child. Any children whose parents are not able to attend will remain with their teachers. Students who don’t attend on Thursdays are still invited to participate. Parents of 1st through 5th grade students will meet their students at the Welcome Station at 12:50 pm.

There will be several spots around campus that have been transformed into places around the globe. At each spot, your child can have their passport stamped by volunteers who are facilitating the games or events at the station. You’re free to roam around the campus to make stops in the Middle East, China, North America, South America, Europe, and more. At each spot, you will enjoy some of the traditional ways each place celebrates the holiday.

And when it’s time for your child to perform on stage, please huddle with your class at the side door of the Chapel. Each class with have a chance to perform their song in the chapel for their parents. We ask families to spread out in the chapel. The full schedule can be found here.

In order to transform the CBA campus, we need volunteers to facilitate the different activities at each location. Sign up here.

We’re looking forward to this outdoor Christmas program.


1.5 & 2 y.o. Dress in green, white, or red

3 y.o. Biblical costume. Purchase a “shepherd” one or make one from a pillow case

K4 girls–long sleeved shirt, black, no design, leggings, and black boots with a white tutu for section C, red section B, royal blue section A
boys–long sleeved white shirt,no design, black pants, black shoes, Panama hat.

K5 – White shirts and jeans. Handkerchief that has already been procured.

1st. girls–white dress, no sash, crown will be provided
boys–white shirt, khaki pants

2nd. Ms. Teia brought shirts from Brazil. Wear pants or jeans

Mandarin Angel costumes (CBA has wings): white dresses for girls, white shirts boys & khakis

3rd. Christmas colors: red, white, green, gold. Christmas lights necklaces provided

4th/5th. Colors of Israeli flag: white shirts, blue jeans


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