We have some big dreams for CBA. Since the launch of Charleston Bilingual Academy, we’ve been on a God-sized adventure growing this school. We started seven years ago with three teachers and seven students. The teachers took the job as volunteers for the first month because we weren’t backed by deep pockets. But we trusted God through this usual start to a school, and we’ve seen His astounding provision every day. 

This year we are pushing 250 students. And those students who started with us as babies in our 20-month-old class are halfway through completing fifth grade. That means we’ve built out our whole elementary school program. 

Praise the Lord!

We are a best-practice school doing our best work in a second language. It is absolutely amazing to be part of this work in building world changers. 

And we are just getting started.

Right now our team is working on plans to build a middle school program – a research and development campus. We are in talks with Holmes Avenue Baptist Church for their space. But this isn’t a fast decision. We want to be mindful of our impact on the community. We want to be prayerful in our decisions. We hope you will join us in prayer as we spend the next several months considering this option.

As for what that looks like for the rest of CBA. All elementary students would stay at the CBA campus with Armory Park in our long-term plan.  We pray for continued favor with our elected leaders who must approve our lease at the Armory. If you feel so compelled, please let them know how thankful we are for their leadership and provision for our school. 

More than anything, as CBA continues to grow, we covet your prayers. Pray for these plans to grow the school. Pray for our teachers and the ones who will join us one day. Pray for continued health and the protection of our in-person class time. And please always pray that God’s voice would be loudest in leading us down the path He’s set out for us.

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