For the last month, we have been remodeling our home. Every room in the house had walls covered with wallpaper that had been there for many many years. Floors were covered with old, stained carpet, and door-frames were soiled and scratched. The kitchen was small and enclosed, cut-off from the other rooms. But, the house had ‘good bones’ so they say. It had potential if we could just look beyond what we saw on the surface and see what it could become.

That has been a good lesson for me. 

 I can just imagine I’m like this house – in need of some renovations, some maintenance.  I’m so thankful for the people in my life over the years who have been willing to be part of the ‘remodeling’/sanctification process with me. Those friends and loved ones who were willing to help pull back the layers and speak new life into my heart and life are irreplaceable. I bet you can think of those people in your own life. The friends or family members who don’t mind the mess. The ones who are willing to partner with you through the real rehab of day-by-day sanctification.  

Sometimes I can get so focused on the ‘chipped paint and old carpet’ in our new house, I momentarily forget about the home we are creating. 

Parenting, like educating, can be that way too. 

God has created each one of us, His children, in His image with purpose and value, able to think and grow. That’s what I love about working in education – getting to see each child’s potential- what they can do now and will become.  I want to help them to see that they are becoming something beautiful.

Often when my children were young,  I’d see only what was happening right then, in the moment, that I would lose sight of who they are becoming. I would see the same mistake being made yet again. Or I’d grow weary when my son didn’t yet understand what I thought I had taught. For moments, I’d lose sight of the process and progress of my growing boy in his own personal growth.

In the last month, my husband and I have spent hours taking down all that wallpaper, fixing holes, and painting every wall in the house. (Well, it will be some time yet until we’re done with every wall!). 

The best lesson came as we pulled off all the carpet and discovered beautiful hardwood floors beneath. It has taken time, much more than I had hoped. It has taken energy, leaving me feeling depleted many nights. It has taken imagination as we try to see what might yet be. And it has taken help. We couldn’t do it on our own and are so very thankful for the help from others.

That is what I want to be about – taking the time to see these precious students become who God created them to be. Seeing each one as a gift entrusted to our care, created in the image of God with value and purpose. 

I pray every day that as we partner together you and I would both keep our eyes on who our students are becoming and the joy of being part of God’s plan of sanctification for each of them.

 Working together we will see a generation raised up to love God and love others. 

What an incredible opportunity – far more important and longer-lasting than the remodeling of a home. 

Each time I look at those beautiful hardwood floors God reminds me that he has so much good in store for you and me and for our beloved children. 

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