During our Chat with the Headmaster in November, we heard from three families impacted by the foster care system.  All three stories were powerful and humbling.


There is a major need for families to foster children in our state right now.

In the last report from the Department of Social Services in August, there were more than 300 children in foster care in Charleston County alone. In Berkeley County, there were 130, and in Dorchester County, there were 59. There simply aren’t enough foster homes for all of these children.

Currently, the need (whether fostering or adopting) is for families who want to be a blessing to children between the ages of 7-17, and/or larger sibling groups of 3 or more, according to Heartfelt Calling.

We hope you will consider opening your home and heart to help these vulnerable children who are in need in our community. You can also support the families who are foster children. That may be something as simple as dropping off meals or laundry detergent for fostering families or taking a child or two for a playdate to free up foster parents for a moment.

The Department of Social Services reports these are the most needed items for foster families:

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