As our lawmakers return to Columbia in 2022, they will consider a key piece of legislation that will impact private schools like ours. 

Our rally cry for the Education Scholarship Account bill in the SC House is “Get It Thru in ‘22!”  For some national perspective, in 2021 18 states expanded existing or created new private school choice programs.

Passing the law in our state will have a tremendous impact on how you pay for private school. Under the provisions of the South Carolina Education Scholarship Account Act (ESA), families of eligible students will receive an education grant. Then parents will use a secure, online payment platform to spend the grant money to purchase educational services on behalf of their child. 

The South Carolina ESA gives parents who do not currently have education options the ability to tailor an education to the specific needs of their child without the barrier of financial incapability. 

The grants can be used toward tuition, textbooks, and fees at a participating school or other providers, a tutor, computer hardware or other technological devices, tuition and fees for a non-public online learning program or course. The money can also pay for fees for national norm-referenced exams, industry certification exams, educational services for pupils with disabilities from a licensed or accredited practitioner or provider, such as occupational, behavioral, physical, and speech-language therapies, and so much more. 

To stay engaged with the latest, simply text FREEDOM to 52886. You’ll be able to find your lawmaker, read up on ESAs, and get breaking news alerts about this important legislation as the General Assembly returns to Columbia in January.


With this in mind, we ask that you consider what Giving Tuesday looks like for CBA this year.

Do you have a grandparent who wants to invest in your student’s education? We hope they will consider giving to CBA. If you work at a business that does matching funds for Giving Tuesday, we ask you to consider sharing the mission of CBA there.

We trust in the Lord’s provision for our school. He has sustained us for nearly seven years. We hope you will partner with us in faith as we continue the mission.

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