We are honored to (re)introduce you to the Principal of Charleston Bilingual Middle and Elementary Schools, Mrs. Marilyn Lane.  Marilyn recently moved to Charleston from overseas.

Mrs. Marilyn Lane has more than 35 years of experience in education as a principal, teacher, and educational therapist in both private and public education.

She has taught from grade 2 through grade 8 and worked individually with students experiencing learning differences. She served as the principal of a private Classical Christian school in Virginia for eight years before moving to the United Arab Emirates.  There she served as an elementary principal at an international school for five years.

Mrs. Lane loves to see both teachers and students thrive in what God has called them to do. She has been a presenter at numerous teacher conferences on the topics of developing critical thinkers and writers and was also part of a team that wrote and developed a math curriculum to aid students struggling to learn math.

Mrs. Lane also loves literature and has written two children’s books.

Mrs. Lane is passionate about developing students who think critically and communicate effectively to become influential leaders.

She is eager to see families partnering together with the school to develop a life-long love of learning and a heart of service towards others.

She enjoys taking the opportunity to meet with students, parents, and community members to discuss what it means to never stop learning and live a life that imparts blessings to others.

Mrs. Lane will work with Dr. Johnson and the CBA team to review the current curriculum and further develop it through what’s called “backward design”. This simply means knowing what you want in the end and making sure every level of education builds toward that target. It’s a method of starting with the goal in mind and building back from it.

Mrs. Lane is the proud mother of three grown sons and grandmother of four precious grandchildren.

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