Uniform Launch for 1st-5th graders this school year!
On this page you will read:

  • Soft Start Rationale
  • Selection Criteria
  • Colors and Recommended Vendor
  • PE Shirts and shorts
  • Polo Shirt options for Boys and Girls
  • Dress Code (pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts, shoes…)

Soft Start Rationale

For this 2021-2022 year we are launching a soft start for uniforms for 1st-5th graders; to ensure success, we want to maximize options and minimize costs/hassle. For the sake of time and cost savings, we will NOT have a logo placed on the polo shirts. We will have a logo on the PE T-shirt. This coming year we will reassess quality, styles, consolidating to one vendor, and adding the logo, which would increase cost for the following school year.  Please go ahead and purchase your uniforms now in July so you have them in hand before the start of school.

CBA Uniform Selection Goals for ‘21-22

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Practical (Navy shirt or Navy jumpers hides stains best)
  • Three different color options to provide diversity within the overall unity
  • Available easily for parents to acquire quickly throughout the school year
  • Various girl and boy options
  • Aligned with our school colors
  • Cool (The Children’s Place provides a 97% cotton shirt which is very lightweight, but will also shrink if you wash and dry it at hot temperatures. We also recommend washing the yellow colors alone).
  • No Logo for this year (cost savings and timing)

Colors and Recommended Vendor 

The school is recommending that you purchase your shirts through the Children’s Place. However, parents CAN purchase from other vendors as long as the color matches (for example the Walmart light yellow does not match our “yellow pencil” tone). Children’s Place has the best inventory and options for our 3 colors Daybreak/Brook (Light blue), Tidal/Nautico (Navy) and Yellow Pencil (Bright Yellow) which symbolize both our world and Jesus, the Light of the world). You can also go by their store at Tanger to try on different sizes and then either order in store or online. Their inventory is better online.

PE Shirt and shorts

All students will need to purchase one school T-shirt in *Royal Frost* or a Color Run Shirt (we still have some shirts for free at school) and any color athletic shorts to wear on PE days.  Shirts are available at our  CBA STORE.  Students can also wear their regular uniform.

Boys Styles allowed (The Children’s Place). 

The above styles (except sweater and hoodie) can be purchased in any of the three colors from the store or online.


Girls Styles allowed (The Children’s Place).

The above styles (except cardigans and  hoodie) can be purchased in any of the three colors from the store or online.


Dress Code for Elementary: (Grades 1 – 5)

Everyday Wear:

  • Uniform polo shirt  (Details provided above)
  • Khaki or navy pants, shorts, skort, capris, skirt, or jumper (no cargo pockets, no blue jeans or leggings)
    • Note: Shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers.
    • Shorts, skorts, skirts, and jumpers must be within 2” of the knee
  • Sweater or hooded-sweatshirts that are royal frost color/Navy or with CBA logo purchased from https://cba-store.com/kids.html
  • Shoes:
    • Shoes must have soft soles such as tennis shoes; NO sandals, flip flops, crocs, high-heeled shoes, clogs (backless shoes) or skate shoes (i.e., Heelys) may be worn.
  • Hats
    • Hats are not to be worn inside the building.

PE Day

  • CBA PE t-shirt in ROYAL FROST with CBA logo purchased from https://cba-store.com/kids.html (Or request a Color Run shirt pending availability). Students are allowed to wear their regular uniform on PE days.
  • Athletic pants or shorts (any color)
  • Tennis shoes