Dear Parents and CBA Family,

We are honored to introduce you to the newly named Principal of Charleston Bilingual Middle and Elementary Schools, Mrs. Marilyn Lane. Marilyn comes to us from The WellSpring School across the world in the United Arab Emirates where she has served as Principal for the past five years. Mrs. Lane is passionate about seeing students become innovative thinkers, skilled communicators, and courageous leaders.

Mrs. Lane comes to CBA after months of prayer. Marilyn said last year she began praying for an opportunity to move back to the US. Her hope was to find a school that thrived through diversity, relished in community, and was founded on Truth.  She found openings at Charleston Bilingual Academy for teachers. As she tells it, she applied to teach, but really has a passion for supporting and mentoring teachers while building an intentional curriculum.

Mrs. Lane is the leader CBA needs and wants to take our program to the next level as we prepare world-changers. Marilyn will work with Dr. Johnson and the CBA team to review the current curriculum and further develop it through what’s called “backward design”. This simply means knowing what you want in the end and making sure every level of education builds toward that target. It’s a method of starting with the goal in mind and building back from it.

While the roles and responsibilities are still being determined, it may be easiest to understand the dynamic of Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Lane similar to the hierarchy of a college campus. Dr. Johnson will be acting as the President, overseeing community engagement and overall school direction. Mrs. Lane will act as the Provost, with a keen eye on curriculum and education.

Mrs. Lane has been an educator for 35 years. She spent nearly two decades teaching and leading at both public and Christian schools in Virginia. Apart from her work as an educator and non-denominational church planter, she, along with her husband, also raised three sons. Her love for children only deepened with the arrival of grandchildren.

Mrs. Lane will be back at CBA in August. She says her first goal is listening to teachers, staff, and families to learn what they want to see happen at CBA.


Nathan Johnson Ed.D.
Headmaster, Charleston Bilingual Academy


P.S. You can watch the CBA Facebook Live event where we introduced Marilyn at the last Parent Connect!

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